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🍕 MattiaNode - RADIX Validator

Why choose my node?

  • Geographical decentralization: my node is self-hosted in Italy 🇮🇹

  • Provider decentralization: I'm not using AWS or Azure or Google Cloud, which push towards centralization.

  • Running on 100% green, renewable electricity 🌎: my electricity supply is certified by the Manager of Energy Services (GSE S.p.A) as fed into the grid and produced by plants powered by 100% renewable sources. 🍃⚡

  • Powerful machine: AMD Ryzen with 48 GB of RAM and NVMe storage 🚀

  • Backup node: dedicated server always synched and ready to failover during any outage to maximize uptime ✅

  • Low fees: Only 1.5%!

  • Trust: being an early 2013 investor, I'm part of Radix Genesis Community; I also successfully completed KYC with the Radix Foundation.

  • Reliability: server monitoring with Grafana + UptimeRobot 🤖 and redundant internet connection. PagerDuty literally calls me if something is not fine ⏰

  • Reachability: you can message me on Telegram/Discord anytime if you want more info! 😊

  • Airdrops: now partners with both Ociswap and Delphibets! Earn 10% more OCI and 25% more DPH when staking on MattiaNode 🔥

Validator info

Validator address: rv1qvjz86qwa7l80y8vhfuhz6957ch6texdmpk98rg2gtakhr0avan4jplkxy7
Validator name: 🍕 MattiaNode (🇮🇹 ♥ 🇺🇦)
Validator link: Radix Explorer

Partnerships/airdrops info

  • Ociswap: Earn 10% more OCI when staking on my node! Just register with the Telegram bot @ocicatbot

    More info on Ociswap's group.

  • DELPHIBETS: Earn 25% (!!) more DPH when staking on my node. Don't forget to register with the Telegram bot @delphibetsbot

    More info on Delphibets' group.