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How to stake XRD

In this article I'm going to show you how to stake your Radix XRD tokens on a validator node to earn rewards.
You can check the current APY% anytime on Radix Dashboard by Avaunt Staking, calculated as an estimate per epoch with a 3% fee.
Don't forget to check out the FAQ!

  1. Login into your wallet



    Stuck on a blue screen? Try updating your wallet here.

  2. Click on "Stake & Unstake"


  3. Enter the validator address and how much XRD you want to stake (minimum 90 XRD)


    Looking for a validator to delegate your stake to? Check out my node!
    Address: rv1qvjz86qwa7l80y8vhfuhz6957ch6texdmpk98rg2gtakhr0avan4jplkxy7

    You need at least 0.7 XRD to request an unstake, so don't stake 100% of your balance!


  4. Click "Stake" and enter your PIN.


    Forgot your PIN? You can change it, using your password, by going to Wallet Settings (lower left corner) and clicking on Change PIN.

  5. Done! You can now close your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the APY? How much am I gonna earn?

Currently, the APY is around 12%. It might go lower as more people stake their XRD, so hurry up! 😄

Is there a minimum staking period or minimum XRD required to stake?

There is no minimum staking period, there is only a 2 weeks delay if you want to unstake your coins. There's a minimum of 90 XRD for staking.

Is staking safe?

Yes, staking is absolutely safe! Your funds never leave your wallet, you're just delegating them. You can always get your funds back, even if the node you're delegating to goes offline or disappears.

Can I stake eXRD?

No, you cannot stake eXRD, only XRD. You can swap eXRD for XRD 1:1, read more here.

How can I unstake?

You can request an unstake from your wallet in the same Stake & Unstake tab. Simply click "reduce stake", enter the amount you want to unstake, and then click "request unstake".


Is there a delay in unstaking?

Yes, for network safety there is a delay of 500 epochs (14~ days approximately) before your funds become available again. This might be reduced in the future, if/when slashing gets implemented.

Can a validator raise its fee anytime?

Yes, a validator can change its fee anytime, but the change will become effective in approximately two weeks (500 epochs). Also, the Radix Protocol prevents raising the fee by more than 10% (absolute) at a time. For example, increasing the fee from 1% to 12% would require two sequential 500 epoch delays.

Do I have to leave the desktop wallet running to stake Radix?

No, there's no need to leave your wallet open for staking to happen! Proof of Stake is not like mining.